How can we provide young professionals the opportunity to donate and nourish a charitable cause in a way that suits their demographic and behavioural needs?


UX Research Study

Low, Mid & High-Fidelity Wireframes & Prototypes

Usability Testing

UI App Interface Design



How are current charitable services reflected in todays young professional society? A range a quantitative online surveys and qualitative face-to-face focus groups were conducted to increase validity of response. The findings were as always, eye opening and fundamental in the process.

Business Goals > Competitor SWOT Analysis > User Journey Empathy Map > User Personas > Behaviour Flows > User Research > Usability > Surveys


How Might We …?

As a Freelance UX Designer, I start every project with a multitude of questions - never an answer.

“How Might We” is a great framework for design thinking, I use it to unlock innovation by questioning any assumptions myself and the team have.

Note, this does not define how I will address the problem/s that present themselves, but gives a great starting point for area/s of focus with the chance to address the said problem/s in several ways.

So, how might we …

  • Remove the bad?

  • Explore the opposite?

  • Question assumptions?

  • Go after adjectives?

  • Change a status quo?

  • Amp up the good?

  • Identify unexpected resources?


Competitive Analysis

To understand the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for the charitable market and users, in-depth competitive analysis was carried out

Mainly to identify the value offered to users, what can be improved and how well the market is meeting user needs.



At Lauren Grace Design, we use insight to create unique experiences, tailored to your customers 🙌



User Interviews

Generative user interviews were conducted with a selection of potential users with a focus on observations, quotes and inferences.

As a UX designer, I must always be mindful of cognitive bias and use the following Do’s and Don’t’s as a principle when guiding user interviews.

UX User Interviews | Don’t

  • Ask leading questions

  • Be too specific

  • Prime people

  • Generalise

  • Assume

  • Solution for others

UX User Interviews | Do

  • Ask open ended questions

  • Ask about actual behaviour

  • Focus on specific instances

  • Push people to focus

  • Use silence

  • Ask simple questions

  • Ask “why” all the time (!)


What are the key problems?

  • Lack of trust in how givings are spent.

  • Lack of transparency in how the corporation works and funds are spent.

  • Method of payment - ie. users no longer carry cash.

  • Perception of size - this worked both ways. A charity too big caused trust issues for some not able to understand clearly understand where their givings would be dispersed. A charity too small worried customers in terms of longevity of support.

  • Perception of problem. Customers that are not aware of said issues want to gain their own perspective to unbiased research.

  • Personal affirmation - customers want to see or feel how they are benefiting the charity from a singular viewpoint.

“There’s no such thing as a self-less good deed”
— Phoebe, Friends.

User Personas

This is a very important step to be shared with the team and wider company.

It is natural that many of us ‘suspect’ what our companies customer looks like and how they may behave but this can have detrimental and costly effects on how we communicate inevitably to a potentially incorrect persona.

More often than not this is based on personal experience and inevitably contributes a biased and differentiating view point.

Teams must be aligned and unite in understanding their customers

User personas are a great task to do with members of the team from all departments!

< Here is an example of one user persona created for this project.


How might we connect young professionals with local charities worldwide to provide donations and support with true transparency?



PEOPLE SAY Nice Things

Lauren is an exceptionally talented, hard-work and diligent professional. She works swiftly and is totally reliable. She understands our business goals and has become an integral part of the team, leading all our UI and UX work. She is currently instrumental to a complex multi-territory re-platforming and site build.
— Nikola Japp, Head of e-commerce at K&C
Lauren is a rare designer who is able to take any brief (no matter the detail) and quickly and stylishly incorporate what is needed into a fantastic creative. Working with Lauren across multiple digital & offline channels was always enjoyable - and looking forward to receiving her designs was a real pleasure!
— Steven Ryan, GM at Nectar Sleep
Lauren is a huge asset to our team; she came into the business at a busy and stressful time and has been an absolute delight to work with. She has easily adopted and enhanced our brand handwriting. Lauren is efficient, focussed and gets the job done to a very high standard and has become an integral part of our team and is high respected in the business. She is also flexible to our needs, adding extra time during our busy periods, which is much appreciated. In a busy and often stressful fashion environment she is calm, collected and fun to work with.
— Suzanne Forster, Head of Strategy
Just spot on - thank you!
— Jez Hughes, Crush FFF